Property agency and marketing is an estate practice, one which involves us acting on behalf of our clients and or as a vendor of landed property, letting or lease of property to a prospective tenant who after showing interest and with subsequent inspection would be willing to take possession of such (a subject) property at an agreed rent for a determined number of years and at other subsequent terms of agreement. Instances may as well occur in which a vendor could give us instruction to out rightly dispose of his/her property as the commission agent.


The forces of demand and supply are however the determining factor in the property market while our experience as estate managers via acquired professional skills, technical knowledge and a rare ability of indebt analysis of ideas, facts and figures play a major role in the determination of open market values of subject property.


The implication of legal and town planning laws in respective property locations as the case may be are also noted, analyzed and weighed with respect to the property by the estate personnel in charge of the letting or outright sale of the property so that the best rental passing or sales price as the case may be, which reflects the open market worth of the property is determined.


Sale, Purchase and Leasing Services


We assist our clients in sourcing for suitable property for lease or purchase varying from Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties to mention but a few. These services concisely include:

Identifying suitable properties for our clients to acquire ensuring that such properties meet up with their needs in terms of size, location, configurations, accessibility with location and economic advantage amidst other considerations.


We represent our Clients in the process of negotiation and getting minimum bargain for purchase prices and rental/lease rental terms.

We also help our client market their properties at best price obtained in the market within the shortest possible time depending on the state of the market.