We offer estate consultancy services to clients who would like to seek professional advice regarding investment in properties.

The following are the areas in which we offer such advice:


-To know the type of property investment (in view) should it be commercial or residential? What site size and location would best suite any particular development? An appraisal of the environmental impact analysis/assessment of a development is however very essential.

-Location plays a major role in property development because in most cases it determines the value of a property. This has to do with accessibility and comfort which every tenant deserve to enjoy after development and the subsequent letting or sales. We therefore avail our clients, consultancy services in these areas.

-Cost Implication is a crucial concern. Most property investors want to know the cost implication of a development before embarking on it. This we weigh along with the capital contribution of the property investor and the borrowed capital from any financial institution ready to finance the project after appraisals have been done.

-Government Policies/Town Planning Regulation is a factor that cannot be over emphasized in property development. Some locations are usually here marked for particular land uses and therefore other land uses may not be allowed in such locations, for instance marked out residential areas may not permit such as airports.

Without proper knowledge of the economic value of a property/development and prior determination of its payback period (number of years it will take an investment to yield returns amounting to the invested sum), it would out rightly be unwise to smash into an investment without proper consultation.

All these and much more are the necessary consultancy services we offer our clients. It is important therefore that property investors, before and after embarking on property investment must equip themselves with proper knowledge of all these issues.