Property management involves direction and supervision of an interest in landed properties with the aim of securing optimum profit. In this present world investment in landed properties have found its way to the top of the list of various investment options due to high accruable returns from property investment and the maximum level of security it offers compared with other forms of investment.

Our Company provides effective management and maintenance services through our professional skills so as to keep it in a functional economic condition by which the wear and tears that normally occur in buildings as it advances in age which could lead to both functional and economic obsolescence is put to check while the property continues to command its economic value not minding the age of the property.

We are poised to give you rest and comfort while you get your rent as at when due and help you maintain a peaceful and balanced landlord-tenant relationship as we shall make both parties understand their respective roles regarding the subject property.

Our range of management services include:

  • Rent collection/remittance
  • Budget control
  • Enforcing terminal obligations on occupants when due
  • Facility audit report
  • Estimation, collection and running of service charge account for multi-tenanted properties.
  • Periodic inspections and preparation of schedule of repairs/dilapidation
  • Lease renewal and rent review
  • Preventive maintenance program